I recently read a wonderful blog post by James Somers explaining why people should write more. The gist of the argument is that writing will make you see the world differently.

He argues that by having a piece of writing in mind, one will attract more thoughts because your perception has changed.

I have always been fascinated with writers throughout my life. The good ones are able to reflect on a topic and communicate their thoughts in a clear way for readers to digest. I realized that writing is a skill that I would love to get better at. While I feel that I am adept in communicating my ideas through speech, I am quite terrible at conveying my ideas with written words. Writing has always been my weak point in my academic career. In recent years, my writing have actually gotten worse due to a lack of essays assignments in my engineering classes.

While I enjoyed only writing one or two papers a year, it’s safe to say that the quality of the papers have remained stagnant, if not in decline. And so upon reading James Somers’ post, I can’t help but write this blog post to remind myself to continue practicing writing. It will take a while to get to the level of writing I desire, but we all have to start from somewhere.