Eric Ren

Software Engineer with experience in UI development and automation. Looking to gain experience across the whole stack, and to tackle hard technical challenges.


Web DevelopmentJavaScript, HTML, CSS, React.js, Backbone.js, jQuery, Sass
Test AutomationJava, Ruby, Page Object Model, Cucumber


Software Engineer, Frontend, HotSchedules

2017-07 — 2018-06
  • Developing a configuration single page application. Specifically worked on views relating to viewing/inviting users on the platform.
  • Wrote api server logic to aggregate data from multiple services for frontend consumption.
  • Created and enhanced UI components in libraries shared across organization.
Javascript Node.js React HTML CSS Redux Webpack

Software Engineer, UI,

2016-05 — 2017-06
  • Pair programmed with frontend developers to create a web app for Macy's store associates to help customers find products while shopping.
  • Developed a prototype Facebook chat bot with a small team in two weeks.
  • Refactored internal CMS javascript codebase by modularizing legacy scripts with Webpack.
Javascript Backbone HTML CSS SVG

Software Engineer, Test Automation,

2014-08 — 2016-05
  • Worked with onsite and offshore teams on auto-provisioning offers to customers' wallets for desktop and mobile experiences. Feature led to an 43.75% increase in wallet usage vs. the previous year for Memorial Day Sale promotion.
  • Collaborated with product managers, developers, and marketing analysts to A/B test Wallet UI across millions of visitors on desktop website.
  • Led testing effort for integrating product recommendations from 3rd party vendor, Hooklogic, onto various pages on the site (Product Display Page, Browse Page, Mobile Web Browse Page).
  • Wrote Cucumber automation scripts and contributed to in-house Ruby automation framework
  • Taught a few beginner classes in JS/HTML/CSS.
  • Won 2nd place in company hackathon by hacking on an internal tool to automate tedious task of making home pages
Javascript Jasmine Ruby Cucumber

Software Engineer Intern, Autodesk

2013-06 — 2013-08
  • Collaborated with an intern to create a simple internal website for downloading software.
Java Hibernate

Undergrad Researcher, AMP Lab

2013-02 — 2013-05
  • Wrote bash scripts to distribute DNA sequencer jobs.
  • Worked under the Cancer Genomics project under Dave Patterson.
Bash SNAP Sequence Aligner

Freelance Developer, Techbridge

2013-02 — 2013-04

Built prototype CMS site for admins to create learning material for Techbridge volunteers and mentors.

  • Developed a simple Rails app with Bootstrap for styling and Devise gem for handling user authentication.
  • Implemented feature for admins to add arbitrary lessons and static pages to the website through a WYSIWYG editor.
  • Helped implement functionality for admins to download user responses to "lesson review" questions in an excel spreadsheet.
Ruby Rails Devise Bootstrap CSS

Software Engineer Intern, Jive Software

2011-06 — 2011-08
  • Worked with two other interns to write an internal Opensocial app to pilot Jive's 3rd party app marketplace.
Javascript Opensocial


Computer Science, BA, University of California, Berkeley

2009-08 — 2013-12


Developer, Blueprint, Technology for Nonprofits

2013-01 — 2013-05
  • Worked with a team of four to make mobile app version of American Bone Health's 'Bone Fracture Risk calculator' website
  • Leveraged AChartEngine android library to create graphs for visualizing bone fracture risk as user ages